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The last few generations of ipod models has been evolutionary rather than radical but we saw a radical change in the iPod family line-up on 5th September 2007 when Steve Jobs announced the latest iPod line-up.

The most radical change is the iPod touch which saw a totally new iPod model. The iPod touch is a cross between the iPhone and iPod and provides the link between the two models. The iPod touch looks and operates very much like the iPhone - only it is lacking the real phone functions. The iPod touch is also the first iPod model to offer Wi-Fi capability.

iPod video has now been renamed the iPod Classic - simply because it is no longer the only model to be able to show video.

iPod Nano has now gone video too - with the ability to play up to 5 hours of video as well as a seeing a radical reduction in size.

The only iPod model to remain closely to it's previous design is the iPod shuffle. Even then, the iPod shuffle has gained more colors.

Of course, the whopping surprise for everyone is the large US$200 drop in price for the 8GB iPhone model. At a price of US$399, it is now within competitive reach of the major brands of smartphones such as Palm, Nokia, O2, HP and other major brands.

With this new line-up, we expect to see a renewed desire in iPods this coming Christmas given the rather slow demand for iPods we have seen in the last one year or so.

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