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Bought an iPhone or iPod? What's next?

Received or bought a new Apple iPod or iPhone? Here's some tips and tricks for newbies and experts alike.

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Firstly, congratulate yourself! You have gotten one of the best personal electronic device that money can buy!

Next, go get a good screen protector as the iPod or iPhone tends to scratch easily. You need to protect the screen surface immediately or there'll be scratches very soon.

Then, ensure you have Apple iTunes loaded on your PC or Mac so that you can synchronise your iPod or iPhone with your PC or Mac. This also ensures that all the files on your iPod or iPhone is backed up on your PC or Mac at all times.

With a new iPod or iPhone, you'll start to want all your movies, music, games, utilities and even applications on your iPod or iPhone as well. You can either spend days and weeks ripping all the CDs and DVDs that you have at home or you can easily join a member site.

There are a number of iPod/iPhone member site available and they can provide:

» Unlimited iTunes downloads
» Fast & Easy downloads
» Service compatible with all iPod/iPhone models
» Music, Videos, and much more choices
» Free and unlimited downloads
» 24/7 Technical Support

A good member site will support all your present and future iPod or iPhone technical and download needs. You can check out a good member site here.

Go shopping with iPod Experts guidance

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Love your iPod and need more music and video files? Check this web link for lots of music and video choices. Click here to check into permanent video files download.


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