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Creative iPod accessory - iKaraoke!

Turn your iPod into a Karaoke machine!

There has been many smart and creative iPod accessory out in the market but nothing beats this iPod accessory for being both smart and creative!

Introducing the Griffin iKaraoke, a iPod accessory that turns your iPod into an incredible Karaoke machine!

ipod and karaoke

How this clever little device works is that it plugs directly into the iPod and together with the attached microphone, turns your iPod into a Karaoke machine.

For those of you not quite familiar with Karaoke, a Karaoke machine is a device that allows you to choose a song and then play it back stripped of the vocal so that you can sing along with the song and replace the original singer's vocal with that of your own. Better quality karaoke machines will even provide the "applause" after your song and even "rate" your singing for marks!

Karaoke singing, in pubs that has many rooms with individual Karaoke machines, are often known as KTV in Asia and are tremendously popular family and friends entertainment outlets especially in Japan, Taiwan and China.

Base on the same concept of Karaoke, the Griffin iKaraoke allows you to have the functionality of the bigger Karaoke machine onto the tiny iPod.

singing with ipod

The microphone cum processor of the Griffin iKaraoke

The Griffin iKaraoke comes with a microphone cum processor as well as a connector that plugs into your iPod dock connector.

Now, all you need is to play any sound on the iPod and the Griffin iKaraoke will mute off the vocals of the song. Pick up the microphone and sing into it. you'll hear the song replaced by your vocals! Simply connect to an amplifier or speakers via the audio out port of the Griffin iKaraoke....and you'll feel exactly how it will be like in a professional KTV room!

Of course, the little Griffin iKaraoke will not have as many functions as the bigger and better karaoke machines in KTV but it does allow you basic functions such as to adjust the volume and reverb. In addition, the Griffin iKaraoke requires no power input or batteries and hence, feels light and compact.

Sp, if you're eying the next American Idol contest and need to practise your singing but can't really afford fancy KTVs or recording studios, the Griffin iKaraoke will allow you to practise singing to music at home as much and as vocally correct as you want.

The Griffin iKaraoke is also ideal if you want to invite friends to your place and wish to turn that basic TV and Hifi component you have in the living room into a real karaoke room by simply adding the Griffin iKaraoke and your iPod to your basic hifi system.

So, if you know that you have always been a Karaoke enthusiast, then the Griffin iKaraoke is the most ideal iPod accessory for you. Alternatively, if a close family member or a good friend simply loves to sing, then this may be the best iPod accessory that you can ever get for them. Selling at a recommended list price of US$49.99, this is a tremendous value for money ipod accessory!


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