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My Personal Apple iPhone - Purchased 12 Feb 2008

The latest Apple product to my collection!

Yep, that's right! I finally owned my very own Apple iPhone! Yipee!

New Apple iPhoneI thought it would be a long while before I will own my own Apple iPhone. It's not the cost, I am prepared to save and scrimp to buy one, but the fact that Apple has not released the iPhone beyond the USA and parts of Europe.

I have four Apple iPods in my collection, the first being a Gen 2 iPod, the 2nd a Gen 4 iPod Shuffle, the third a Gen 5 iPod Video and the latest a Gen 6 iPod Nano.

However, what I really want and what I have waited for is really the iPhone!

I had wanted the iPhone even when it was still in the planning stage. And two months ago, when I tried out a friend's iTouch for the first time, I knew I must have the iPhone.

However, iPhones were not available outside of USA and parts of Europe, and then there's the issues of the iPhone not being able to work with Telcos other than the Apple appointed ones.

To cut a long story short, I had to go through some very unorthodox methods in order to own 8GB Apple iPhone and to get it to work with a local Telco. How did I do it is something I would not like to reveal here because I believe Apple is not too happy with iPhones being used outside of USA and Europe.

What's important is that I finally own an Apple iPhone and the continual amazement, joy and fulfillment that the iPhone brings me.

Apple iPhone Advantages

The iPhone is really a smartphone, iPod, web browser, email client, mini-computer and much more rolled into one small phone using a easy-to-use menu. The touch screen, the ability to go on-line anytime there's a wifi hotspot, the ease to check emails anywhere, the amazing webapps that enhance the iPhone to almost a walking computer - are technology and enhancements that make the iPhone both a joy to own and use.

Everyday, i continue to find a new use for the iPhone - from using the built-in Google-map features, to SMS, to stock analysis - to new webapps downloads that allow the iPhone to become a game machine, a digital camera, a voice recorder, a touchlight and many, many more new and amazing features!

And even in the half-hour that I took to write this article, I have downloaded a webapp that allow me to check UPS/Fedex shipping status via the iPhone, a Blackjack game to keep me busy on travelling days and an application to update photos that I take on the iPhone to my Flickr account directly via the iPhone!

And despite the Apple touch-screen technology being a new breakthrough technology, the touch screen function on the iPhone works so well that you sometimes wonder why the rest of the mobile phone manufacturers are not rushing to incorporate it into their own phones.

Apple iPhone Disadvantages

Despite so many positive advantages of the Apple iPhone, I have to admit there are negative aspects of the iPhone as well.

The iPhone battery can only last for one day and even less if you use it often in a day. With the iPhone being an iPod, email client and web browser in addition to a phone, it is obvious that the such intensive use will zap the iPhone power very fast and it becomes a chore having to charge the iPhone all the time.

The iPhone also tend to become hot if you use it intensively.

The iPhone Safari web browser also seems to be incompatible with some Wifi firewall. I was unable to log into some corporate Wifi network despite a PC laptop not having problems logging in.

I was also unable to send SMS to multiple numbers although I recently heard that there was an update that will allow multiple SMS.

Apple iPhone Review Conclusion

If you are on the lookout for a new mobile phone and can afford the price of the iPhone, do not hesitate and grab one now using whatever method you can. No other smartphones out there now can compare with the iPhone for it's ability to surf, compute, work and enjoy all at the same time from such a small device!

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